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About Us

The Philosophy Society at The University of Washington was founded in April of 2018. Since then, we have provided numerous opportunities for social contact and debate for anyone who's interested in philosophy regardless their academic field or background. Our main activities include regular talks and debates as well as philosophical movie-watching, socials, and volunteering.


The Philosophy Society at UW's talks cover various topics in philosophy--from ethics to religion, existentialism, and eastern philosophy. We welcome speakers to present their philosophy and current research, sharing their topic of most interest. Debates also cover a wide range of topics, led by a few of the officers and/or executives and sometimes by a faculty member. Some of these topics include: the ethics behind abortion, the existence of souls, free will vs. predestination, etc. All files from past talks and debates can be found at Past Events. Extra information and files that may be helpful are posted at Links


As our goal is to publicize philosophy not only for UW students but also for the community around us, we are hoping to work with the Center for Philosophy for Children University of Washington, making philosophy easier and more accessible. 


If you want more information about The Philosophy Society at UW, please don't hesitate to Contact Ustalk to one of the members in Committee, or send us an e-mail to join the mailing list. Currently, there is no membership fee, and you can become a member at any time and join the events. If you're interested in participating in an event or want to find more information about upcoming events, check Upcoming Events








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